3 regrets of my life related to relationships

  1. Innocent lover phase regrets : I was too innocent and pure at heart in beginning of my life. Got hurt a few times, cheated other times. I regret that phase. I learnt from it. Gained real life knowledge.
  2. Playboy phase regrets : I learnt a lot of functional psychology afterwards. Started to experiment. I misused my knowledge. Sort of took revenge for my pain from whom who were in stage one till now. One incident changed my out look ( a girl who was really nice and pure got hurt badly and suffered from Psychological problems. Had to be treated). I left all my tricks. I had weapons only for my protection and not playing.
  3. Mixed phase regrets : After experimenting with all tricks I was in dilemma. My tricks became a part of my personality. I failed to distinguish between real love and love through tricks. I always wondered whether this girl likes me or my games ( inbuilt).
    1. I decided to leave each and every trick learnt till now and tried falling in love with a innocent lass as if I was in phase one.
    2. Ahh…what a terrible Experience…that’s why Experience starts with EX! I let my heart opened only to be hit by her ego! Ahh…what a waste of feelings. I regret this last part the most.

Life is nonlinear. Be multidimensional.