10 things which happen when you meet your soulmate

You cannot find your soulmate.No one can. They are god sent. You can only identify them if ever you are in contact with them. The following signs are there to look out for.

  1. Flow of time stops in their presence (physical presence). You feel immense connection. Sometimes your awareness of time and space both goes away. This is different from being with your crush. With you crush you feel a tingling feeling, a sort of hormonal rush. You become self conscious. While being with you soulmate gives you immense inner peace and sanctity.
  2. You tend to remember some nostalgic events while you are with them. Might be some childhood dream or some vague memories etc. Just by sitting next to them or in their vicinity you get perfect peace. No great need to constantly chit chat etc. Silence becomes golden.
  3. When you see your crush your heart skips a beat but when you see your soulmate your heart is filled with immense joy and calmness.
  4. More you try to search them, more distant they become. They come naturally when you are not looking for any body.
  5. Initially you deny their effect on you. Your personality starts to melt. You at times avoid them in order to stop their changes to your persona.
  6. You might be in a committed relationship but when soulmates strike you, nothing can stop their descendance in to your mind , body and soul.
  7. The flood gates of hidden trapped emotions open in their presence. Sometimes you laugh irrevocably and other times you cry like a baby in their presence. You feel immense relief just by speaking your heart out.
  8. You have almost zero sexual attraction for them and all your love is soul connection. You want to cuddle them, hold their hands, have a walk with them, give and take mild kisses, touch their face etc. Sex if any happens in spiritual union of two souls. It just happens, with provocation, warning, preparation or planning. Sex is often slow and as serpents do it, very warm and pleasant Your primary focus is on nurturing your partner, like a care taker and not banging them and getting maximum pleasure out for yourself.
  9. Your search of perfect partner ends when you unite with them. Their mini soul starts to reside in your body and guides you for your everyday life, just like their voice becomes your own inner voice.
  10. Most people get only one or max two chances to meet their soulmates. Once connected with your soulmate, the connection is permanent and no other person can connect at that deeper level ever.

There is no undo button for soul connection.

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Original question : What is a soulmate ?