7 must know life lessons for those in 20s

I am not yet naughty at 40 but still have seen plenty of life.

  1. Do not chase girls. I repeat please do not chase girls when you must be chasing books. I know hormones are rushing at your age and you too want ‘emotional support’ and some physical comfort.
    1. Girls usually look for mature men even at tender age. They do not like boys.
    2. Your relationship will die premature death (most possibly) if you are not strong financially which in turns means strong career.
    3. Girls chase guys who have strong future prospects and are knowledgeable.
    4. Your peer pressure to have a girl friend is nothing as compared to societal pressure of having a strong career.
    5. Okay as a fun filled activity, you can do the chasing on the weekends and that too for 10% of your total productive time.
    6. Girls are very shrewd as far as selecting partners are concerned. They will come to you if you are really good, else they will shun you even if you follow them 24/7.
  2. Start investing early on. Just google compound interest and you can see that nothing can make up time in compound interest.
  3. Stay away from all kind of loans. DO not take a home loan or even a car loan if they are not helping you in your career or making money for you. A simple calculation can show that SIP of home loan amount beats selling price (asset appreciation) by a factor of 40%!. I have done these calculations in one of my earlier answers (written long back). Nothing beats equity in long run…nothing.
    1. If recession comes, home prices will plunge too!
    2. If recession comes, equity will go down but also the whole economy!
    3. People forget the maintenance cost in home.
    4. A mortgage makes you a slave for your whole life!
    5. Buy land in out skirts, if you really want to invest in real estate.They are cheap and grow at much faster rate than apartments.
    6. Buy only if you can pay 50% down and EMI less than 5 years.
  4. Avoid alcohol as well as smoking. It is just a cheap thrill. We smoke or drink (i.e. we have urge to drink) when our body lacks certain micro-nutrients like sulfur and phosphorous. Ty ginger cookies instead of cigarettes.
  5. Your body is your greatest asset. You live in your body. Physical exercise and proper diet keeps your well being in tact both physically and mentally. Never neglect your body. Almost all depression can be cured by proper diet and exercise plan.
  6. Before falling in love with any one, be sure that your love is not only hormonal. Test your girl or boy friend. You get bored by most sexy diva and best chiseled body in less than two months! Sex is not boring but the flame lasts only with those you really love. Nothing surpasses true love in real pleasure.
  7. Peer pressure in more dangerous than all drugs combined in whole universe.Let them laugh at your frugality, let them laugh at your antisocial ways of not drinking and smoking. Time will tell whose gall bladder are saved and who is paying cancer bills.

You only live once. Think long term, always.

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