7 challenges faced by Gen Z (Of which they are not even aware)

  1. Unstable career : Stable career is a myth for Gen Z.
    1. In actuals the age of freelancing has began a decade back and now its the future. Companyies don’t hire full time now and they are doing away with short term freelancers working from home. Those we still live in the myth of long corporate life are doomed faster than they can think off.
    2. The rules, the game and players have changed. It’s the age of constant upgradation and constant learning. Learning never ends. End of college is not begining of career anymore, its learning of real life skills and continued education.
  2. Lack of True love but availability of only short term (sexual) relationships aka noodle love. They don’t even know what they are missing.
  3. Real understanding of world and its problems. Their world view is too myopic and distorted.
  4. Identity and culture crisis. Gen Z is culturally neutral generation. They have been successfully de-civilised and don’t have any roots left.
  5. Shortcuts for everything. Gen Z wants everything instantly. They want shortcuts in career, achievements, goals, love, money, success, fame and whatever they can think off. These shortcuts do give them immediate results but they are often short lived.
  6. Money management : Gen Z is seriously flawed in their thinking about money and its management. They live for instant gratification and never utilise the power of compounding early on in their career and begining of financial life. They have serious misconceptions about inflation and future rise in expenses due to rising cos tof living. Worst thing a Gen Z person can do is to take loans at the begining of their career and not investing the money instead in compounding instruments.Why is this generation so afraid to fall in love?
  7. Overconfidence : Welcome to the age of generation of overconfident under informed generation.
    1. They safely assume that all wisdom from their ‘older dull’ counterparts is waste and they know everything about this world.
    2. They are in misconstrued notion that advent and access of social media makes them more wise and knowledgeable. Social media makes people more technologically aware and socially confused. Social media is filled with several half baked ideas and often leads to more confused states of mind. Thye fail to understand the difference between information and wisdom.
    3. Memes and movies are generalisations and not absolute truth about life. The biggest thing Gen Z is missing today is real books and real learning.