May be yes.

Sociopaths need thrill to quench their ever thirsty soul. As long as you are the thrill or have the juice, they will suck you. After you are finished, they will leave you and move to another as if nothing happened.

Last part is the toughest. One time you are their every thing and other times you are just non existent. It kills people from inside.

  • Sociopath derive their fun by your pain.
  • They first make you dependent or addictive of some thing, anything,might be sweet talks or emotional support. They become your god.
  • After that they just move on as if you were a mile stone on the high way. No feelings, no interaction, never worry whether you are alive or dead.

Their non availability as well as zero interst after relationship effort make them really addictive.

Our mind wants the answer, why they did that? And hence forever trapped.