Love always starts with body (physical features) and then personality (including your potential, sense of humour , compatibility, etc.).

Most love stories end in these two phases or get stuck in these two phases. This phase involves lot of sex, material fun, roaming, movies, dates, gifts etc.

The ones who cross this phase enter the phase of intense emotional attachment.

  • Deep craving and love. This stage is the most draining stage of love.
  • Lots of misunderstandings, lot of emotional trauma. About 20% of love stories reach this phase.
  • You can say this phase as sour bitter phase of love.

Once that phase is cleared in about 10% of love stories, comes deep attachment phase but with calmness and tranquility.

  • All mind games, judging others behaviour, cleverness, tests end completely in this phase and trance like meditative state of mind kicks in.
  • This stage is the stage of intense true unconditional love.

Attachment is suffering but love is meditation of soul.