10 advices for 25 year old

  1. 25 is real age to learn. Learn from your seniors at job. Play dumb and ask for advice. Remember they learned those tricks in 10+ years of job.
  2. Take care of your body, avoid junk food and alcohol along with cigarette. You have to live in your body for decades to come.
  3. Never neglect importance of physical work out. It is the best investment out there.
  4. Save, invest, expend. Repeat , rinse, repeat, in the same order
  5. Life really begins at 40. Believe me second part is not that gloomy and in reality is better than life in 20s.
  6. Build your online profiles (professional) early on. You can never assume the power of 2000 LinkedIn contacts vs 2000 Facebook friends.
  7. Make a website and list your achievements there. Now you have a online resume ever ready, any time.
  8. Genuinely help people to succeed and see that help coming back multi fold.
  9. Every girl will not ditch you and every girl will not support you. In the matter of love, tread with caution.
  10. Sometimes stop thinking what others will think. Enjoy that rain which you want to enjoy, go and shout at your loudest at that hill top, take that weird hair cut which you always wanted to have.

Life is short and we all have to go. Enjoy.