There is no such known species like ‘smart people’. Its only that some have found the hidden tap of creativity and many have just not witnessed.

  • Smart people do a lot of pre-thinking. They always have deep thoughts with themselves and already have a thought data bank for many topics.They think about imaginary situations and processes very often.Hence they usually have a solution ready when they are presented with real world problem it.
  • Smart people are often very critical about things and processes. This makes them question almost every thing out there under the sun.This also make them become critical thinkers. They do not easily validate a point and tend to think about every aspect of the problem.Their negatives at many times out weights positives.Through their thinking patterns they resolve each one into positives.
  • Smart people know the technique of meta-cognition (thinking about thinking). They often analyze their own thinking patterns and hence do better.
  • Every one is smart, few know this too.

How smart people think?