The key to success is NOT falling in love in puberty and working very hard.

Point two that even if you fall in love, don’t fall in love with a wrong person.

If you want tips for getting a girl, I am sorry, this answer window is too small for a life transformation.

You need to learn

  • Right body language
  • Conversation hacks
  • Attitude and controlling emotions
  • Female psychology
  • Girls criterion values and what really turns a girl on (Power and money attract any girl but doesn’t turn her on).
  • How to maintain any girls attention post relationship ?
  • How to spot right girl for you and how to test a girl for real character and integrity and how to spot gold diggers and comfort diggers?
  • How to treat a girl friend material and a ‘time pass’ hook up girl friend?

A lot to learn. It’s a long journey down here and it shall take a long time (More than one or two years).