5 Gospel truths of connecting with any one.

  1. Meet people with an attitude that you know them for years.
  2. Be a genuine active listener.
  3. Cut the fillers and formalities. We feel how others want to make us feel, alike. If you make them feel like friends forever, they shall accept that unconsciously. Happens in much more profound ways to girls. Girls are natural. They adapt themselves in accordance with your behaviour. They mirror your behaviour.
  4. Genuinely offer help. Care for them, love them and they shall shower you with love back. We are intuitively very much developed. We can see through , who is genuine and who is not. it is another thing that in love we are blinded by halo effect and hence fail!
  5. Help others without expectations. Yes we all have hidden agendas and in surface plans to exploit others. We do favours to people so as to get something in return. Try this same thing without expectations. I assure you that results shall be much better and bonds more lasting. Best ROI are with deed we do for others without expectations.