1. Girls, even though they love too, have lot of complexes, tantrums, and mood swings. Most girls take zero responsibility to carry forward any relationship. They know this fully and hence suffer from guilt complex for long time.
  2. Men are a bit careless. They feel the pain deeply but still manage to clear their emotions out due to a lot of activity associated within their lives. Girls are restricted socially and usually have less avenues to clear their blocked feelings. Further girls are more secretive and hence keep their pain with in themselves. Girls feel a lot of remorse when failed in love. I know this personally as I have listened to dozens of girls speak their hear tout in the matter of love.
  3. Women have huge feminine ego. They take many risks to retain power in relationship like false tantrums. Hence once they are left alone, all that guilt trap falls back onto them and yes the load is too heavy.
  4. Girls seldom express and hence they always remorse missed chances.