4 reasons why this generation is afraid to fall in love

  1. We don’t trust others. You know why? Because we know ourselves and don’t trust us. Love is trust and trust is God. But god is dead now. Hence we all are fearful in trust-less relationships.
  2. Falling in true love is a great responsibility. It is just not dating mating and separating. Love means total surrender, total devotion and total care. Our generation is narcissistic and hence love is tough. Love is sacrifice and giving. Forget in this era.
  3. We all know from inside what we want from that handsome rich guy or that sexy lean lass. We know our material and sexual inhibitions. Media has corrupted our minds so much, that we rather believe there is no love but lust and greed.
  4. We have forgotten the true art of selfless love and we are running towards a mirage of sexual pleasure and material gratification.
    1. This girl will full-fill me and my desires.
    2. Oh that one seems better and she will certainly bring more pleasure.
    3. We are humans and we will get bored with superficial love even with most gorgeous women of this world. We are running from pillar to post in search of something imaginary in perspective and today’s insane media standards.
    4. We must understand that material benefits and physical pleasure ultimately cater to a bunch of neurons in our mind (I don’t undermine the value of these).
    5. Romantic love is the most addictive and pleasure giving substance in whole world.