Love is a complex equation.

Sometimes you need mind games, at other times it is natural. This depends a lot on the partners.If your partner is not insecure, doesn’t need validation, is not emotionally immature, showering them with love will enhance love between you forever.

On the contrary, if they are under confident, they will use your love display as validation, to raise their imaginary social market value (inside their mind) and loose interest in you sooner or later.

If they are looking for other partners as well and are not exclusive to you or have not yet made their mind to live with you forever, little mind game shall work well to align them to your perspective. But again if they love you since beginning, mind games are a big turn off.

The real skill is in knowing what’s going on in other person’s life and there affinity for you. Only then you can decide whether to play mind games or not. It is a double edge sword. One who is not really into you will respond quickly to mind games but one who is really into you, shall back off equally fast!

You know little poison can be healthy but too much of it is dangerous.

Secondly, refrain from people who play mind games or respond to mind games because they are either too easy or too boring.

Having said that, every one might not love you since beginning. To align them you do need few tricks of the trade to elevate your social market value.

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