Science of friend-zoning

Friend zone is a way (polite) of girl to tell you that you are NOT a boyfriend material. Its a form of ‘Soft Dumping’.

Why it hurts and why guys or girls (Yes girls are FZoned too!) become desperate after that?

Reason lies in the nature of love and nature of mind. Friend-zoning after loving some one is cruelest form of rejection. When we really love someone we extend our lives and goals with them. We include them into our each and every plan. They become extension of our personality.

When they FZ us, all our ego is devastated and we feel intense rejection cum pain. It seems likes half-betrayal. It feels like they used us for their time pass, validation, played with our feelings and as and when better opportunity arose, they ditched us. Its extremely painful, almost sudden shift in our day dreaming process to day moaning process.

Our emotional mind takes over our rational brain and we start behaving like a 2 year old kid, crying for his toy.

Dos and don’ts for recovering from FZ shock.

  1. Wait for three days before initiating any contact. I know its extremely difficult but wait somehow.
  2. After three day sour initial state of mind changes.
  3. If you want to message them, just reverse friend zone them! Tell them that you accept their friend ship and would love a friend like them.
  4. No begging, crying etc.
  5. Treat them like a normal friend. Wait one month and see the magic.

PS : This formula never fails.

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