Yes I have a weakness. I know many life hacks, seen a lot of life, know many psychology principles and what not. But Deep down (In fact many layers deep down), I am quite simple and novice. All these hacks, methods etc. are shields to protect my heart and feelings and I feel they are doing a very good job.

I guess many people are like me deep down but this cruel world have made them what they show they are. I usually start with no pretense and mind games and people take in stride. They think, wow , we can easily play out him. Sadly after I know their fakeness, most of them become just puppets to my subliminal commands. I can predict their behaviour, mood and even word afterwards. At this point my interest in them becomes zero and then I leave them and move to next available person.

Very few people (I can count them on finger) have come close to that 100% genuineness which I was searching. I have met just one girl (A bengali Damsel) and one boy, (Ashish Das, me best friend in school), who were almost similar to me. Other are too boring. When I don’t play with them, they win too easily, thinking them to be a pro. With this freshly gained confidence boost they try to outsmart few others. When I start to play, they can’t even play (Let alone win!). Hence Life is always boring for players.

What is the saddest part of your life you never told anyone?

When I am good, I am good. When I am bad, I am better.

PS : There are dozens who know this truth but once they have played, they can never go back again and hence this truth is useless for them.