Doesn’t believe in love? Ahh no..!

Love is a feeling, an emotion and has nothing to do with belief.

I have seen all, all kinds, shapes and sizes falling in love, obsessively falling in love and even to those who they have ever denied!

The problem with love is manifold. The main problem is that once you fall in love with someone, it’s out of your control. Second point is that it is absolutely beyond your control to fall in love with someone. It happens in a moment and your resistance melts and then you are at mercy of the other!

Second problem is that once in love with someone, more you avoid them, deny their presence, try to make your heart understand that ‘you don’t love them, it’s only your infatuation’, more intense it becomes!’.

We are social and emotional creatures. Yes we can intentionally shut down our feelings, cave our heart in in the name of career, responsibilities and thousand other factors, but if once your heart starts to beat for someone else, no one can save you!

Is Love destiny.. magic or can you make anyone fall in love with you?

I can give you only one hint. If plan A fails try plan B. In love plan B is always diametrically opposite of plan B.

Hint number 2 : The chances of success of plan B are also diametrically opposite of chances of success of plan A!

(Believe me!)