1. Success can be learned.
  2. Intelligence is not fixed. It can be changed. What most people don’t know that it is a slow process and takes hard work. Intelligence is just another skill to be learned.
  3. All secrets live in good books. All means all, no exceptions.
  4. Mind is pathetically irrational. Most successful people know (By practice or maybe by intuition) how to mould your reality (thoughts) and in terms of Steve Jobs, distort your reality field. You may have heard about Aura in people. Yes that is their reality distortion field.
  5. Unsuccessful true love never dies, never. Not in one year, not in 10 years. The Guilt diminishes but never fully goes.Mind is indeed pathetically irrational.
  6. Magic trick of two minutes requires preparation of weeks, Success do require smart hard work and steel determination alongwith extreme perseverance. If you can really see and experience all the hard work those celebrities have done to achieve success, I guess you will probably stop thinking about being successful or a celebrity.
  7. To be moderately successful you need to play safe, chose the best career path (Engineering) and follow the rules. Risk taking ability is the most important rule of becoming extremely successful. Road is made by walking. No risk no gain. Taking no risk is the greatest risk one is taking. You can understand this line only by taking some calculated risk.
  8. Women, like mind are pathetically irrational. They will never accept this fact and will never be able to understand this statement. They decode logic by emotion and hence their first reaction would be ‘Rubbish!’ Look they took no time to understand the logic, tried to gather studies or facts etc. They just said in the heat of emotion ‘ What rubbish!’. We do not want them to change. We love them because they are what they are!
  9. No love is unconditional. We love only when initial conditions of beauty, nature or talents are met. But Once we fall in true love, it becomes unconditional (or must become). Again love takes a lot of character, time,patience, investment to become mutually unconditional.
  10. The hormones secreted in love, the intoxication of those chemicals, the real feeling of ecstasy and joy is unmatched by anything (including sex, money, wealth or success). Most people unfortunately have never experienced that extreme love and are usually struck in sex, body and condoms.