12 hardest things to do in India

  1. Saying “no” to a sexy voice.
  2. Showing anger to a calm person.
  3. Resisting the urge to meet your lover.
  4. Receiving the message of the loan amount being cut away from your salary each month and still being relaxed.
  5. Looking at the face of a sexy girl wearing very low neck top.
  6. Being quiet for the whole day as meditation practice.
  7. Trying to choose your best girl friend when you love all of them equally!
  8. Loving many women with the same devotion and care, while also being honest to yourself.
  9. Letting Pakistan win against India in cricket.
  10. Rejecting someone who is nice in all respect for love and losing their friendship too in return.
  11. Giving a loan to your best friend knowing he will never pay it back.
  12. Getting into Mumbai local during peak hours.

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