1. Learn some functional psychology and the workings of the mind : The world is cruel and people are manipulative. You know that the world is not simple and straightforward. Apart from everything else combined, you must have a basic understanding of human behavior and the functioning of the mind. You must know how marketing works, how dating works and the basics of human psychology.
    1. Don’t believe and rely on mainstream media or movies for the understanding of human behavior. They are often misguided and are utopian.
    2. The world is not a movie and sadly it has no retakes.
    3. Again, refrain referring from the so called ‘psychological textbooks’. The real knowledge is hidden in so called ‘bro-science’ forums and ‘pseudo science’ books. In psychology, everything is practical and these ‘psyop’ methods are the only thing which work. For all other subjects, rely on normal textbooks.
  2. Take care of your body : Many teenagers think that they can take care of their bodies once their career is ‘set’. Sadly you cannot make your basic frame once you cross the age of teens. Off course you can build muscles but body frame, no. You must complete any one basic body training course or must be involved in a game or sport requiring some physical rigor.
  3. Career First : I cannot specify this point more than ever. At your age, you are full of hormones, your thoughts are driven by chemicals more and reality less. The love you think as love is just nature’s conspiracy. Just work hard on your studies and career. Believe me
    1. You will get enough time to watch movies (To the extent that you will get bored).
    2. You will get more than enough time to form and experiment with relationships or sex or whatsoever.
    3. In fact when your career is set, almost all your hobbies will exhaust in maximum two years. Sex goes first!
    4. Life is too big than you can ever conceive. Want to experiment with my statement? Just try sitting down and doing nothing for just one day and you will find that it passes in centuries! All you think that you want to do finishes too quick. Again, the mind is such a scoundrel monkey. It gets bored very easily. You need to reinvent the wheel forever to keep it engaged.
  4. Have a passion but again, career first : We live in an era of perception management and data management. As a rule of thumb start to think in terms of percentages. Few examples
    1. You hear on the TV about rapes and murders etc. Just think in terms of percentage. How many rapes per 100 per day or same with murder. Media creates a grand illusion by blowing things too much out of proportion. They create selective illusion of reality and we fall for it.
    2. How many people in percentage have actually become super successful by following their passion and heart? If you are not super talented, or have an intense desire to do something, being a average is much more fruitful than anything else. Yes, follow your passion but only after securing a living.
    3. Stories of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg are indeed very good inspiration, but you know that there are a total of 1862 billionaires in this whole world while there are countless millionaires who are working professionals and executives.
    4. This looks like a counterintuitive and demotivating piece of advice. But it’s utterly practical. Secondly if you really have it in you to make real big, then you know it in your heart and yes then no one can stop you. Till then it’s good to be average.
  5. Personality is everything : You know what CEOs are really good at and for what they so heavily are paid for?
    1. They have charismatic personalities and charisma is more or less a learned art and state of mind. They can make anyone fall in love with them instantly. Same with politicians and movie stars. Ability to charm is one of the most important skills to be learnt in life.
    2. Charisma includes in depth general knowledge, insights about human psychology, extreme calmness and patience, helpfulness and many other related virtues. CEOs are not professionals but they are package of managers, professionals and consultants, all in one. Talk to any CEO of any company and you will be amazed about their in depth knowledge about anything under the sun.
    3. It has been well documented and researched many times that you financial success is about 86% personality, communication skills and networking.
  6. Networking is success : Never make anyone your enemy. Be it small, be it big. Life is insanely unpredictable. You never know which connection can land you with a million dollar job or a contract worth millions. Successful people are known to network at least five new people every week. Network as if to connect people, help people and move ahead. Believe me it all comes back multifold. Reciprocal help is always compounding.

What is the one habit that can transform your world forever?

Teenage is golden age of your life. Time is gold for you. Spend it wisely.