The most motivational line that I know of has been said by Sandeep Maheshwari.

He always says “Kaam par dhyan do”

Focus on your core job.

This line sums up all the theories regarding success in shortest possible words. Just do your prime job with perfection and everything else would follow.

  • You are a student? study well. Work hard. Focus on the daily goals. Stop thinking about how many marks you will get. Forget about every day dreaming thought. Just study. Do things related to study and NOT related to thinking about study.
  • You are a writer? (new writer), focus on creating good content. Don’t worry about views, comments, upvotes etc. They are the part and parcel of the game. They come and they go. Go on improving yourself, creating better content and no one can stop you.

The mind loves to think, daydream, since this is easy for it. Put it to work and see the magic.