1. Between (only) Sex and Love (with sex), choose Love. Between Love and money, choose money! (I mean money first, and love second. There is no love without lust and no love without money.)
  2. Career comes first, career comes first, career comes first. Period. End of the argument.
  3. You realise the power of money and love when you lose them. You realise the power of money even more when you lose love along with it!
  4. Girls have got the two greatest currencies (as of now and maybe for the next decade). Looks and image. A slutty image doesn’t go well even with ‘Goddess looks’. A great social media image goes well with even average looks. Men fuck ‘hotties’ but marry ‘homies’.
    1. The girl with whom I may roam in night clubs may not be the one I choose to introduce to my parents. Remember, for men sex and love can in independent of each other.
    2. ‘Hot bitches’ are like alcohol, everyone likes to have a sip of them but no one use them for health. Be the plain water which may not be enticing but a lot healthier.
  5. Learn human psychology and this world will start to make sense for you. Functional psychology is not taught anywhere in the world and people ask what is the secret to success! The secret is out there in plain sight and yet hidden.
  6. Men can love women only for sex. Hence women can love men only for money. There is no ideal love story. Only the intermix of two. Men want love and care while women want comfort and companionship. Nothing is in pure black and white but grey. The earlier you digest this truth, better it becomes.
  7. No girl shall love you unconditionally like your mother did and no man shall love you like your dad did. Unconditional love takes a lot of time and effort to develop. True love does exist but it is hidden deep down in the fake masks of ego traps, temptations and our selfish genes (animal instincts).
  8. There is no million dollar idea, no million dollar plan or business. There is only a million dollar personality. People deal with people, people buy from people. It is not important what is said, how it is said but who said it.
    1. Your personality is the only ticket to your success.
    2. That’s why it is repetitively affirmed that ‘The best investment is the investment on yourself. Investment (Like books, mentorships, youtube videos, online research, gym memberships, great clothes, accessories, social media branding etc.) pay the best interest.
    3. The only problem is that it takes time to develop skills , personality and there’s no shortcut to it. Patience and perseverance pay the best interest. Yes 99% of people don’t believe this and never act on the advice and guess what…99% of people today are broke.
  9. Success is mindset. Success is understanding yourself and your surroundings. And lastly, success is daring to take the risky roads, untrodden paths, unconventional ideas.
    1. If you do what 99% of people are doing, you end up having what 99% of people are having.
    2. There is no shortcut or safe corridor to achieve success. No risk, no gain. Simple and outright. You are already at risk. You are already going to die someday (Maybe tomorrow). As Steve Jobs Said ‘ You are already naked’.
    3. Risk is not naked risk. You learn from your mistakes only. Life teaches you lessons but charges you first. The cost to learning real insights is failure. Nothing comes free.
  10. Let me tell you a secret about human mind. Research has conclusively demonstrated that the brain shuts down the areas where bad memories are stored. You do not remember vividly your break up now as you did one year back. The mind restricts access to certain areas in our mind to stop it from short circuiting and cross firing our brain.
    1. This in turn means that your mind has infinite untapped potential (Hidden from plain sight). The mind does not allow you to access those areas since you are not capable of handling that much energy. If you go one working hard without any attachments, I can assure you that slowly your mind will open different gates and your consciousness will grow beyond your imagination.
    2. Only prerequisite :
      1. Do not doubt your mind. Because your mind works solely on belief. Multiple studies have proven that medicines don’t work, but our faith in them works (Placebo effect).
      2. Don’t measure your success. Do all things with no expectations. In just one year your life will transform. Complete total dramatic transformation takes about 5 years. Do you have that much patience and perseverance?

What is the most valuable skill a person must know?

Be pragmatic, learn some functional psychology, go on working hard, dream big, focus on money first, be perseverant, believe in yourself and you shall be best version of yourself.

Those who have reached know all this, those who are about to reach believe in all this. The rest are the masses.