Let us learn why we become demotivated.

  1. Understanding demotivation : The prime cause of demotivation is expectation. We expect our efforts to produce results. When results are not there or below our expectations, we are demotivated. There is a catch, however. Every time success elates you, failure shall make you unhappy. To get rid of this faux pas you must free yourself from expectation.
  2. The solution : Big question is that how to do that. The simple solution is that you must find your motivation in the journey and not in the destination. Be immersed in your work and not in the results. Consequently, this is the secret to many super successful men.
    1. If Google would have bothered about pennies in the beginning of their journey, they would never reached where they are today. They might have employed all their efforts in optimising their soul for advertising revenues and not to help core customer.
    2. If Quora would have started by focusing on monetizing it’s content and not on standardizing it’s content, their success would have been limited.
    3. Many more examples can be cited. You know Apple before launching their first Macintosh computer, spent four years in developing it’s Operating System.

Bottom line : Be guided by efforts you put in and not the results that you achieve. Let effort be your motivation. Lord Kelvin said ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it’ . In hindsight of this quote measure your efforts. If you study on an average of 100 hours per week, make it 120 or improve number of questions you solve.

Efforts are motivation for super-achievers, the mediocre need the validation of success to proceed.

Successful people get the joy (motivation) when they succeed, great people get joy the moment they create.

If you are NOT enjoying the process, the success itself is NOT worth the effort.

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