I’m a mathematician and I seek logic everywhere.

I also sometimes like things to be emotional.

Well, I am quite intelligent as I teach mathematics to the students that are preparing for the toughest exam in the whole world for grade 12th.

I love watching movies on my Macbook Pro, and I also like listening to songs on my iPhone. I answer a lot of questions on Quora with 1 million plus views.

I have answers having 3.6K, 5.7K and 8.7K upvotes and many more in their 100s.

Now do you really want me to answer this stupid question?

An intelligent person makes you feel that he is the most important person in whole world.
A charming person makes you feel that ‘you’ are the most important person in this world.


  • ‘I’ is boring.
  • Bragging is boring.
  • Superiority complex is utterly boring.
  • All talk but no substance is the most boring thing in this world.