I have written a book on kindle and this hack is all about getting books for free in Kindle itself! Kind of counterintuitive and cannibalising!

This is not a hack but a useful flaw in kindle books (All books which are on Kindle unlimited).

So, you finalised a book already on kindle unlimited but don’t want to pay rent for a whole month.

  1. Add the book to your wish list or to the read list.
  2. Every three months, Amazon gives author’s authority to promote their books for free for five days.
  3. Usually, all authors give five days for free promotion or 99 cents deals.
  4. Don’t do anything. As soon as the book will go for free promotion, you will get a mail from Amazon regarding the download.
  5. Only books in Kindle unlimited get offers to promote.
  6. Author any not choose to keep them free but still put them on countdown deals.

For those who don’t know, let me tell you that you can read kindle books on PC or mobile with kindle apps. There is no need to purchase kindle.

Appeal : Even though Google’s motto is that information wants to be free (since it suits their business model), you must pay for the Authors whom you really love to read. Write reviews for them since it boosts ranks and they get more exposure. It costs you nothing but still helps the author.Again compliments (which are virtually free) motivate authors to work harder for their next work.

I can assure you that, for creativity to prosper, praise is better motivation than money. Take the example of Quora. No one gets paid but still people contribute their knowledge and time, only for appreciation.