1. Learn from others mistakes and experiences.
  2. Never brag about anything in particular and everything in general.
  3. Have laser focus and extreme perseverance.
  4. Don’t judge but understand.
  5. Never criticise but sympathise.
  6. Are ardent readers.
  7. Believe in growth mindset.
  8. Are reflective about their work and seek constant positive constructive feedback.
  9. Believe in helping rather than strategic networking.
  10. Are very succinct about their choices, goals and future plans.

How smart people think?

Smart people are humble and know that there is no secret or shortcut to success except constantly evolving your personality and strong hard work ethics.

Success is often the  compounded effect of smart and hard work. You know when compounding is done for long enough, what you started with becomes irrelevant soon. Believe in yourself, keep working hard and never try to count your steps. I can assure you that no goal is unattainable in long run.