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Hemant writes on Quora (2500 followers, 2.8 million views). Mathematician, writer, Entrepreneur and student of life. Hemant is well read and writes about topics ranging from philosophy to psychology.

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He has written five books on amazon kindle.

Secrets to a Modern Woman’s Heart

This book teaches you about delicate intricacies of female psychology in simple terms.This book is not going to discuss about pick up methods but ways to get a girl like you more.

In essence Hemant teaches true love and this book is about tweaks you can insert in your relationship to make your love life easier.

You will learn about the mechanism in which women think. This is inbuilt in them and even they can’t help it or stop this autopilot behavior. This book is just trying to tune your thoughts with the natural engineering of women’s mind.

http://amzn.to/2A1e6bz (India Link)

http://amzn.to/2zWd4xo (UK Link)

http://amzn.to/2hIcZ8Z (US Link)

This gentlemen is so underrated ! I have purchased the book written by him and oh boy, it was pure gold.

You have changed my entire notion of thinking about the girls. Bless you sir. Keep writing.”

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Ever wondered what women really want and why?

Why your girlfriend behaves irrationally ?

Author writes on Quora (2500 followers, 3 million views) and runs his own blog (Hemantpandeyblog.com). Book Rated 4.33 on Good Reads.

Hemant was a typical die-hard romantic, writing love sonnets and letters to women he loved. Even after pouring his heart out he faced countless problems with women in his life. Changing mood of girls, suddenly going cold, neglecting etc.

He started by classic psychology textbooks and was utterly disappointed. Textbooks teach nothing about women psychology or seduction (May be due to its controversial nature), similar to reproductive systems being treated in biology textbooks.Author started his quest in other seduction books. (Just like we learn sex through porn).

The problem was immense again. Many of these books are fake and the methods simply don’t work. Out of 1000s of pick up artist books and seduction material on 100s of websites, only a handful worked. It took 10 years for author to try to test almost all books on the subject.

Second problem was that although these methods really work (No doubt about it), these books never teach you why they work. All methods are trial and error. In this book author solved these two problems.

  1. All material reinvented (10 years research) and rewritten (modified) by avoiding those which never work. Author devised 100s of entirely new methods which really work in any given scenario with any girl for any man (irrespective of his looks or personality).
  2. Every method discussed is supported by logic. Why the method works?

This book will definitely save 1000s of hours in researching every book available on the planet, testing all of them and selecting best from the rest.

You will learn

  1. Avoid FRIEND (PET) ZONE, Nice Guys Test, ‘Dump Test’ and ‘Bitching Test’.
  2. Rules of TEXTING, how much, how long, what things to avoid?
  3. Get your GIRLFRIEND BACK after silence zone built after a fight or break up (entirely new ‘ice breaker text method’.)
  4. 10 Most Important points in Modern Dating (Things to avoid).
  5. Secret Art of deep seduction (Fractionation) : Making a girl fall in trance like love with you FOREVER.
  6. DOMINATE GIRLS to be subservient by using entirely new emotional Vaccination and Soft Dumping method.
  7. GIRLS BIGGEST TURN OFF and only ONE THING WOMEN LOVE the most in any MAN.

Excerpt from the book : Fractionation and Rules of Texting

“You created a fractionation pattern by successively creating pain and pleasure response. Further you are the cause of both.This is the basic of all techniques of dealing with women. You create both pain and pleasure in quick succession and some times in one sentence like ‘ You look good but your hair could have been better’. Most guys there focus only on pleasure and fail to deliver emotional ups and downs, which women crave”.

“vii. Never be too available. This is again a test by girl to know your status. If you are always free for her, your value goes down.

viii. Never chat with her for longer duration, especially when she is free. She will use you for time pass and dump you! “

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This gentlemen is so underrated !

This gentlemen is so underrated ! I have purchased the book written by him and oh boy, it was pure gold. You have changed my entire notion of thinking about the girls. Bless you sir. Keep writing.

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Wisdom is the key to women's heart!
It really is very helpful and disclosed almost every secrets of women.
But the price is a bit high!!
Though one must know these facts about women psychology

A must read : 5 stars are not enough for this creation.

Review Secrets to modern woman's heartReal read in real world. 5 stars are not enough for this creation.

Every man should read this to stay ahead in every game and in life overall.

This man needs and claims undoubtedly recognition.

I am eager to read the other books as well.

Cheers !

on 7 October 2017

Awesome Idea...

Review for secrets to modern woman's heart

What an awesome idea for a book. Would this be appropriate for a 15-year-old? My son is struggling to understand girls.

Bonnie Landauweed

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Saves your time, saves your heart!

I am a mathematics professor and published US book Author (California Board).
Visit Personal Touch Academy for details.
I have been teaching for last 15 years and taught at many coaching institutes of repute like Career Point Kota and Career launcher Mumbai.

During my teaching tenure I tried various shortcut methods (which are concise enough) to make problem solving simpler.This is a chapter book for sequences and series. I will upload other chapters soon. This small book will let you master simple formulas and trick used in solving problems in sequences like AP,GP and HP.

The book focuses on what we call modern teaching methods in which we not only teach you what but why and how. We not only tell you formulas but also tell you how to remember them easily.

The layout for each chapter has been kept similar so that students can organize their studies in an efficient way.

Each chapter is organized as follows

  • Theory and Basic concepts
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Glossary of formulas
  • Question Answer section

This book has definition, explanation and solved examples. All examples are solved.This book can be read by anyone seeking basic knowledge in patterns and science of sequences.

Hemant Pandey

Hemant Pandey

Hemant writes on Quora (2500 followers, 3 million views)
Entrepreneur, writer, mathematician, fitness enthusiast and a curious student of life.

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Hemant Pandey wrote four books on Kindle. Three for functional psychology and One for mathematics.

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