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What are some Amazing hacks for Kindle books?

I have written a book on kindle and this hack is all about getting books for free in Kindle itself! Kind of counterintuitive and cannibalising! This is not a hack but a useful flaw in kindle books (All books which are on Kindle unlimited). So, you finalised a book already on kindle unlimited but don’t […]

What did you learn from failure?

Nothing is permanent. Pain is NOT permanent. Consequently, gain is also NOT permanent. I learnt only one thing from failure or success. Nothing is permanent. Pain is NOT permanent. Consequently gain is also NOT permanent. Learn to be placid in every remorse as well as every celebration. Being blissful is you nature and it must […]

I want to become intelligent, is reading the best to achieve this?

Observation and NOT reading is the key to intelligence. You can observe anywhere and every where. You can learn something from anyone.Everyone has some nuggets of wisdom which they acquire through their whole life. To acquire one nugget of wisdom, one may take a lifetime. Ask them, observe them, learn from them. You know who […]

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