18 Basic Essential Life Skills Everyone Must Know

  1. At least two languages,including your mother tongue.
  2. Ability to ignite fire using some basic equipment like mobile battery or water bottle lens.
  3. Ability to communicate with strangers.
  4. Ability to tie basic knots.
  5. One self defense trick or some Martial art.
  6. Driving four wheeler
  7. Some knowledge about snakes and snake bites.
  8. Ability to cook at least three basic dishes.
  9. How to kiss slowly and passionately.
  10. Tricks to tame furious dogs. (Very handy if your girlfriend has one!)
  11. How to estimate direction using star positions or basic stick and sun shadow.
  12. Write passionate love letters. Words start a love story but letter fuel it. People love love letters. Period.
  13. Basics of human psychology.
  14. Ability to propose to your love(Discreetly). I badly need to learn !
  15. Swimming
  16. Using at least one weapon like gun,sword,nan chaku etc.
  17. Basics of human physiology and some basic treatments using house hold items.
  18. Grow your own food and basics of farming.

But most important life skill is the ability to communicate and reciprocate love. When love is there everything else falls in place on its own.

What are some interesting life hacks?