I am not writing about ‘physical transformation’ but ‘health transformation’. I just want to inspire people for better food habits. I went from 109 kg to now 85 kg. It took me around 3 years. Then I am maintaining in the range of 82-86 kg.

I don’t have any pics of my 109 kg as I was never interested to be photographed.

Edit : I got few pics of my jumbo size also.Uploading. 2009 (98 KG)

2011 (106 kg)

Lets start from 2011

Here I am around 98 kg. reasons were primarily sedentary life style and junk food, like chaat, Mc D, Ice creams, Aloo tikki and what not…

Then I started to think hard about my self. Then some things started to change as I changed my diet plan.Let us look the change and then discuss.


Not much changed but health started to improve. I started a bit of walking.

Later I listened to many you tube videos and researched online and found certain healthy habits.

  • We changed our common salt to pink Himalayan rock salt.
  • Stopped processed sugar completely and took only honey and jaggery instead.
  • Started a bit of exercising at home, primarily squats and push ups.

Note : I was a fitness freak in my youth, was a good athlete and yes , I was quite handsome (Girls said this ;). Whatever, hence it was easier for me to adopt the exercise part.

2013 (Slightly better)




Latest 2016 march

The glow is not because of ‘Love’ but because of discipline 😉 (Love was always there, as I am quite romantic;)

The journey is still on. Now I go to gym every day for about 90 minutes.(Past three months only). Love yourself, love can change you for better.

Few more…

Update1 : Just wanted to add few more pics after completing 3 months of gym.Will upload more with time 🙂 to make worth of gym visible.

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