105 KG to 83 KG (22 KG weight loss journey naturally without pills or Gym)

I am not writing about ‘physical transformation’ but ‘health transformation’. I just want to inspire people for better food habits. I went from 109 kg to now 85 kg. It took me around 3 years. Then I am maintaining in the range of 82-86 kg.

I don’t have any pics of my 109 kg as I was never interested to be photographed.

Edit : I got few pics of my jumbo size also.Uploading. 2009 (98 KG)

2011 (106 kg)

Let’s start from 2011

Here I am around 98 kg. reasons were primarily sedentary lifestyle and junk food, like chaat, Mc D, Ice creams, Aloo tikki and what not…

Then I started to think hard about myself. Then some things started to change as I changed my diet plan.Let us look the change and then discuss.


Not much changed but health started to improve. I started a bit of walking.

Later I listened to many youtube videos and researched online and found certain healthy habits.

  • We changed our common salt to pink Himalayan rock salt.
  • Stopped processed sugar completely and took only honey and jaggery instead.
  • Started a bit of exercising at home, primarily squats and push ups.

Note : I was a fitness freak in my youth, was a good athlete and yes , I was quite handsome (Girls said this ;). Whatever, hence it was easier for me to adopt the exercise part.

2013 (Slightly better)




Latest 2016 march

The glow is not because of ‘Love’ but because of discipline 😉 (Love was always there, as I am quite romantic;)

The journey is still on. Now I go to gym every day for about 90 minutes.(Past three months only). Love yourself, love can change you for better.

Few more…

Update1 : Just wanted to add few more pics after completing 3 months of gym.Will upload more with time 🙂 to make worth of gym visible.

More : 



End Note (New Advanced Faster way : 100% working)


I lost 7 kg recently in one month. Researched 7 years, tried all methods (Dieting, Gym, Pills). Nothing worked. Stumbled upon a new secret formula of weight loss.

  1. No gym
  2. Eat whatever you like
  3. No loss of glow of skin.
  4. Weight loss stays forever.
  5. It is a complete life transformation.
  6. Almost all parameters like sugar, BP, Cholesterol gets under control.
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You will learn


  1. What to eat and when to eat for complete detoxing of harmful toxins in body?
  2. You can eat anything else if you follow what extra thing to eat and drink and how often to detoxify your body.
  • It is complete life transformation. Get rid of those dreaded harmful petrochemical based pills (I stopped taking around 9 pills I used to take per day, including gym supplements like Fish oil and calcium).
  • I did weight loss of 25 KGs in three years using gym, dieting,pills (Supplements) etc. But with this new methods (Science backed), it took only one month for 7 KG.
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