10 rules of texting to any girl (Not in your direct contact list)

  1. Just text her about any random question or information.
  2. Just ask her about one of her friends. Ask ‘Do you know Jessica ?’
  3. Never ask out on text. Try to build friendship.
  4. Asking about other girl is best since she will not suspect you and might feel a bit jealous.
  5. Send second text after three days.Slowly build up.
  6. Never let her assume that you are into her (Very important). Be friendly but vague. Send mixed signals.
  7. Never compliment her on her physical attributes. In fact avoid all compliments.
  8. Never let her know that you have any sort of sexual interest in her (Very important in the beginning).
  9. Do not try to set next chatting date with her. Text her out of blue, vanish as you get break, reappear out of blue. Girls love surprises and suspense.
  10. Become friend first. Starting as friends had many advantages.
    • She can’t friendzone you.
    • She can only love zone you.
    • Women love challenges. Friendzone is the best challenge for any woman.

Iron rules of relationships in concise form

  • Women give fun to those who are already having fun, give sex to those who are already having much (Or depicting they are having much).
  • Women hate men who want fun from them and losers whom no one wants. They secretly follow you everywhere, trace you to the last bit, only if you are not doing the same.
  • Following a woman, expecting fun out of her and trying to stay in a relationship are the fastest way to get your ass kicked out of any relationship.

Just try this anecdote once and you will need no other doctrine.

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