8 Common Lies Women Tell Men

  1. They are single.
  2. Not interested in LOVE. (You can’t stop falling yourself in love.Love doesn’t seek permissions).
  3. They don’t have time to meet you.(They may be sleeping all day or play candy crush on their Android).
  4. You asked what happened ? Answer : Nothing(Biggest lie).
  5. After kiss or sex if you ask ‘hey how was it?’ Answer : It was OKAY.Not bad at all. Everything to them is bad or not bad or okay. I never heard amazing, ever in my life!
  6. I wear anything and go out. I don’t give a damn about my looks. (Just checks herself in her mobile mirror app!). They usually spend one to three hours preparing for their looks.
  7. I don’t care about your female friends. (She knows every bitch who liked , commented or even hovered around you pictures!).
  8. Love is complicated. (Women are die-hard romantic and love is complicated to them!. They understand your each and every move, instinctively).

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Hemant Pandey
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