You know an Alpha man is a selector and not a selectee.

How many of us really have that mentality?

This is so difficult to gauge and feel. Why?

We have been taught since ages that women select men and we have to ‘woo’ them.Now how to feel this?

  1. Whenever you go out in social world, feel that you are their to select women and not vice versa.Give them a vibe that you are screening them and are choosing the best of the lot. Initially this might feel awkward but with passage of time this will get inbuilt in you. In about a month you will notice that girls are getting your vibe and responding to it. This will be the biggest game changer to your game.
  2. Girls react and men respond. Girls will react to this Alpha attitude of yours. Slowly you will increase your attraction and SMV by 10X with out any effort and change in attitude.
  3. Frame of selector can be most important change in your dating life.