Do you relate with all this

  1. Guys become uneasy if she does not replies for 10 minutes.
  2. Always check her last seen, status updates.
  3. Always follow her everywhere.
  4. You know you have become another girl friend of hers!
  5. Girls want drama they want to follow you, spy on you and you are doing the same. You know spying is thrill. It’s feminine. Men have been known to cheat due to hormones. You are taking that opportunity from her.
  6. Alpha man has his own world. He wants her to come and explore that world. She wants to explore the world and find her place. Spying is fucking beta. Yes you may be tempted to test her and check her. But if she has to cheat she will cheat!
  7. I have a secret to tell. More you trust her and less you care whether she cheats or not, less likely she is to actually do that.

via Seduction is just about ‘Manning up’