No lying here. No masking either.

  1. I am sapiosexual and intellect turns me on. Be it IQ or EQ. You must be understanding and empathetic. You must understand emotions and react accordingly.We don’t always say all we want to convey .Right?
  2. Open-hearted people and their boldness turns me on.If you don’t like me or any thing , say it openly.Don’t linger in pretense of social etiquette. Similarly for love, be open and straight. I am not going to judge you. I understand.
  3. My greatest weakness is ‘innocence’. I feel protective,nurturing and providing to innocent people.
    1. I love to give. I like babies for that matter. They need you but never ask for it.They are not bothered if you don’t give!. No complains, no expectations, no pretense.
    2. Originality is charming,refreshing. I have enough understanding of world and cleverness for both of us. I don’t want/love very clever people.
    3. I love natural people, who keep no emotional baggage for long,who are direct to communicate,not hiding behind pretense of being busy or what ever.
    4. Innocence does not equal dumbness though. You must be able to learn tricks of the trade if required.
  4. For all those qualities, I naturally love girls since they have more tendencies of being close to nature and being natural.
    1. Girls have a unique ability to weave happiness in small moments and in minute details.
    2. Their memory is excellent (specially the semantic memory),they live in the moment and hence are more much faithful and better lover than men.
    3. Girls have less instances of ‘hormone driven’ love.
  5. For physical features
    1. Healthy skin,glowing hair,a bit of fat (curvy structure), innocent smile, a bit of awkwardness, a bit of weirdness, a bit of tantrums, little anger (very little),pensive look,self-absorbed nature,a bit of narcissism, a bit of complex,a bit of shyness,little woman softness,a bit of sexy vibe.
    2. I am a total lover. If I love you,I love all of you.

What are your tricks to start a conversation with a stranger?



Hemant Pandey
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