1. We all are governed by selfish gene theory.It is inbuilt in us to be clever,a bit cunning and little manipulative.Strangely we all are selfish but deny it all the time.Yes the extent of it changes from person to person.
  2. Love is always physical to begin with.As love deepens the need to copulate takes the need to bond emotionally.Yes there is no love without lust.But ultimately love succeeds lust by a mile.
  3. We are selectively nice as well as cruel. To people whom we are connected we are more liberal than required and to the one’s we are not , we are more cruel than needed.
  4. Let me give you a test for mind.Think of anyone (in connection to romance,other than your current partner,lover or crush). Yes you though of the person who rejected you or you couldn’t get or was rude to you! The reason is simple. Our mind takes loss (rejection) as a physical pain. Further the pain of loss is twice severe than pleasure of gain. We are programmed to avoid loss than to gain some thing.This phenomenon is termed as ‘loss aversion’.
  5. We at times hurt people who love us unconditionally while love people who constantly thrash our ego!. Sadly we govern most of our life through the glass of ego (mind) and not heart.
  6. Some times we know about certain biases, psychological techniques and working of mind.We understand the situation fully and still we do things which are irrational to our core beliefs and knowledge. In matters of love affairs we are insanely vulnerable and stupid.Love makes us error blind. We fail (rather hate) to see flaws in our loved ones.Accepting your lover as a normal human being is the greatest test of any relationship.
  7. We are extra harsh to our lovers for the same mistakes which might not mean anything outside our love circle. The reason is that we are extra kind to them also when they do other mistakes.
  8. We change our behavior and reaction according to the nature of people. We might feel more offended by any statement by a sensitive person than by the same statement by a ‘happy go lucky’ person.
  9. Incomplete love cannot be deleted in your never.It fades but never vanishes.
  10. We often misuse validation of really true lover to gain more lovers.We think we already have a good one (and if they are too good to never back off) and try our luck else where! Being too good is too bad!