Please take care of perspective.Some answers are from girls perspective , some from men’s perspective while some are gender neutral as well as general.

Materialistic answer : Wallet full of money

Funny answer : Every son to their mother

Philosophical answer : Father looking his daughter playing in field.

Romantic answer : Lover soothing his girl friend in emotional moments.

Factual answer : In my opinion Brad Pit or Hrithik Roshan or my favorite George Clooney…gosh he is sexy! (and getting sexier with age!)

Real answer : For every one : Mirror!

Tricky answer : One who is susceptible to your charms (from girls point of view)

Diplomatic answer : Your current boy friend!

True answer : Your current crush

Fake answer : I don’t believe in looks…heart is what I really look for !

Soothing answer : Every one is handsome in their own respect!

Sexual answer : Minimum height six feet and minimum size 6 (of the shoe … hold on dirty minds! , women love big feet!)

Boring answer : One who treats me well (from girls point of view).

Jealous answer : Your Ex boy friend (after he turned out to be a dude from a nerd!)

Typical answer : My dad

Source: Who is the most handsome guy in this world?


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