Something which fades away with time was not love in the first place.

What is love ? Why there are complications in almost every love story ?

Love begins with attraction (primarily physical),later on it becomes psychological or mental.When ever we fall in love we take several pains to get the other person fall in love with us.We grant them several liberties.That is quite natural as we show of our best side to people whom we love.

The complications begin in following scenario.If partners or any one partner has insecurities or confidence issues,they take these special treatment to their ego.Instead of falling in love they nourish their false ego.Every gesture makes them feel good about themselves.

After the honeymoon phase is over and its time to reciprocate love,these insecure partner can’t get out of their ego zone!. They want bigger validation or in return they start to play mind games to get it anyhow.They can’t accept true love but only want more validation.Eventually it sucks energy from one person and fill ego of other.With this ever grown ego and pseudo confidence,these insecure partners start to use this validation to attract more partners!

This starts a vicious circle and hence ego traps fall in place.Thus a pure love story becomes relationship as well as status becomes complicated!

It is such a cruel irony that to keep your lover attracted to you,you need to resort to mind games!. Thus only two perfectly contended and happy people can fall in love,the true love.If you are insecure and under confident,you will not be a straight for your lover but a weakness.Your insecurity shall make them also emotionally unstable.

Love doesn’t fade over time,it only changes form.The moment ego enters equation of love,the harmony is disturbed.Hence I say that love take s along time to develop in full blown relationship.

Tell signs of a ego driven false love

  • Learn about the true nature of your lover.Are they selectivity rude and discriminatory towards you ?
  • Do they change after acceptance of proposal ? A little change is okay but do they change drastically ?
  • Are they empathetic towards you or are in revenge mode ? Do they feel love or pride when you compliment them? Are they sad or angry over your actions ?
  • Do they forgive and forget or keep it to their ego forever?

Hence love never fades and if it does,it was not there in first place. That is why I promote enlightenment. Two enlightened people can only fall in true love.No expectations,no attachments and thus no ego issues.

Not enlightened.Don’t worry.Fall in true love and in the mean time you shall become one.If love is true,then eventually after all the hardships,two shall become one and in oneness their is enlightenment.Love is the best way to attain enlightenment.

PS : The enlightenment is loss of mind and not thinking power.The peculiar property of mind is that even though it knows that we are vulnerable as well as susceptible we still continue.‘No mind’ is best mind.

Is love attachment?


Hemant Pandey
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