Why you want people to love you ? Love your self. You know why narcissists are great seducers ? Because they love themselves so much that world is convinced that they must haves something to be loved about.

Love yourself and world shall follow. No body can share your loneliness.People share happiness,love and positivity and not sadness or negativity.

Who ever loves you invests in you and want returns for their investment! Thus if you don’t have any quota of love with in you, they shall fly away soon.

Being alone is not the same as being lonely.People who are alone are often content with it while who are lonely want a partner.

People might get confused here.We all want lovers to fill our space,give a purpose to our lives and give us infinite joy.Right ? You may argue that if love is not giving me any thing and if I am content already,then what is the point of love ?

Yes love is the greatest refreshment as said by Voltaire.Love inspires,give you infinite reward neurons and joy but love is a part of life,it is an add on and not your whole life!

If every body only loves then who will run this world ? Don’t get me WRONG.IT doesn’t mean that we should love only for those cheesy 10minutes of orgasm or during that date or what ever.Thing is that ‘love is a background music,its complimentary,it touches every aspect of your life,you think of your lover 24 hours but only in background.

If love distracts then it is unrequited,incomplete or mere attachment.Love is painful only till that phase when things are hazy,not clear etc. After proposal and acceptance it it hurts then it is not love but abuse,manipulation or mind game.

Source: Sometimes I feel like no matter how hard I try to but no one in this world can love me, What do I do? How to deal with loneliness?


Hemant Pandey
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