1. Jealousy test : If you still feel a little jealous when they talk to other people of opposite sex, you still love them.Jealousy as if love and not insecurity.
  2. Pain test : Are you happy with their pain or feel it through you ? If you see them happy or partying,are you happy or sad ? If you feel the pain,you are still in love.
  3. Thought test : Do you still think about them every now and then ? Do you still spy on their profiles ? Yes you are still in love.
  4. Single test : Are you still single even after you have options ? Yes you are still in love.
  5. Wait test : Do you secretly wish to meet them some where out of the blue ? Do you still want to find them at places you met before ? Do you secretly wait for their text ? Ahh… love is strange.

Source: How do I know if I still love the person?


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