We are surrounded by successful people who have these common traits.

  • Knowledge (wisdom)
  • Courage

All drop outs are not Bill gates or Steve Jobs.People who really work on their self education are rich.I doubt any business consultant or astronomer can compete with Elon Musk in the respective fields.

The problem is not having education but having expertise.

A criminal also has knowledge to manage people , make contacts and having leadership skills.He might be using it is wrong way but he has all the qualities of a successful person.

Every local goon does not turn out to be a mafia don.A bad example though, the central point is expertise in one domain and common sense in all other are ingredients of success.Education seems to be a easy tool to get all those qualities.

Never confuse education with schooling though.

Mark twain puts it

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”



Hemant Pandey
Hemant lives in Mumbai (India),writes on Quora (2600 followers, 2.8 million views).Published 5 books on Amazon Kindle. Entrepreneur, Writer, Mathematician, Professor.