Romance is a dream.We all are ever single.Only if love becomes a assurance and complete peace of mind,it is usually a disaster.

Love is worse than being single if

  • It fuels your insecurity
  • You can’t perform your basic chores and are in constant need to be in touch with your love (puppy love).
  • You are always jealous and insecure,spying your lover for cheating signs!
  • Any one of you ‘needs’ other and other only ‘wants’ you.
  • If you feel love will solve your personal boring life problems and your lover shall be source of all happiness into your life (Your partner might be expecting the same!)

Love is bond for independent people for mutual support to compliment you life and not to provide you a parent!

If you are not happy today,I doubt love can make you happy either.

Yes love can help to transform you to be a better human being,but ultimately you will need to discover real happiness with in you only.

Source: How does it feel to live single without feeling for a romantic partner?


Hemant Pandey
Hemant lives in Mumbai (India),writes on Quora (2600 followers, 2.8 million views).Published 5 books on Amazon Kindle. Entrepreneur, Writer, Mathematician, Professor.