1. Be like water my friend.
  2. Become mirror when you are with any one of them.
  3. Keep them confused about your feelings.
  4. Give them an intuition that you sometimes think of other girls also.
  5. Keep each of them on tenterhooks.
  6. Keep distance between your dates.Choose carefully so you don’t get caught.
  7. Be an object of desire so they are chasing you.Dating multiple woman will make you less dependent and them more.
  8. If you can keep each of them anxious about themselves and you, nobody can catch you.But careful of your lying and always maintain an hierarchy of what you told whom.
  9. Men are polygamous by nature and it is women’s responsibility to keep them hooked to you.
    PS: This is response to the query but I need not endorse it.The advice is however prudent for the seeker.


Hemant Pandey
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