Even if I can tell you some psychological tricks to make a person like you,what good that will create in your life.

  1. You know that he doesn’t like you really but only due to implied psychological tricks.
  2. The moment you drop your mask he will be same again.
  3. Its like acting,an artificial relationship,thoroughly boring.
  4. Bliss is in being happy, being natural and not in chasing things which are not yours.
  5. What is the point in making some one love you when you have to change your basic nature for him ?
  6. I can assure you that he is only a mind play for you.You and your ego are behind that motive.How can he neglect you ? The moment you get him,the very same moment you will loose your interest in him!. I have seen so many break ups only because the idolized crush of yours turned out to be pretty ordinary after relationship.
  7. Love some one who loves you back.

True lovers leave people when they reject them and do not play mind games to ‘get’ them.If they also loved ,they shall return , else what is the point in chasing love out of tricks.

Even if you still want to attract him, message me as grey psychology is inappropriate to be discussed in public.Many don’t like it and almost all don’t approve it.

Source: If person hates you alot and never understand that you are always good to him then how a person realizes his mistake and make good thoughts about you?


Hemant Pandey
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