Gender roles are not merged but only hidden.

  • A woman how ever strong still wants a strong (mentally) guy.A woman can be all tough to this world but she needs some one with whom she can lighten up her inner trapped emotional energy.
  • Men are still restless and they still need an anchor.They need somebody to take care of their trivial needs,some one to find their socks (as their mothers did), want some one to massage them when stress is high and so on.
  • We have our evolutionary design for last one million years and it is not going to change in two decades.Only physical hardships are lessened by the advancement in society and technology.On emotional level not much change can occur.
  • Masculinity may not mean getting a meat loaf for your women any more (given women are also empowered now,both financially as well as socially), but it certainly means taking right stand for your girl when ever required.
  • Masculinity means for men
    • Accepting you are human and are prone to errors.
    • Your girl also has a personality,opinions and a career.She can’t be your sub ordinate but a equal.
    • She can also support you in every sense if needed and it does not lessen your penis size in any case.
    • Masculinity and feminism are not foes but very good friends.They do not talk about equality but about compatibility,complimenting and supplementing each other and not competing.
    • Its okay to be a bit emotional.Now boys can also cry at times!
    • You are relieved of many gender related biases and can expect an equally strong helping hand. As I mentioned before this does not affect your penis size.

Masculinity is not a threat to femininity or vice versa but a helping hand.