Love as if girl friend .Right ?

Before moving ahead let us understand quite a few things.

  1. Being happy is your innate nature : We were a lot happier in our childhood and with out the need of any love.This so called insecure love is the consumerist approach of capitalist media.You must have been in relationships or might have seen others. Are they happy ? No. Because every one is seeking love and no one is ready to offer it to any one!. It is like beggars begging. True relationships are complimentary and not supplementary. You must have a life.You must have joy to share it.
  2. No one loves you more than yourself : Understand this point.No lover or anyone love s you more than you.Love yourself.Make your life independent of people’s validation.You will get love in two circumstances
    1. When you stop looking for it
    2. When you are already content with your life (not needy of love).
  3. Love is indeed a phenomenal experience : Love is a paranormal experience but only with those you fall naturally in love.Not with those whom we entice or seduce to fall in love with us!. Natural love happens when we stop looking out for it and using any methods.If it is bound to happen it will. True love cannot be stopped and if it can be stopped, it was not true love. This looks quite counter intuitive.If we don’t approach girls or they don’t approach us, how will we find love? I am not saying you to be anti social.I am not saying that don’t talk to girls.Don’t approach them etc. What I am emphasizing is that be natural and don’t try extra to impress any one.If they like the way you are with out any make up or ‘humorous’ one lines,then only real love can be found and discovered.If they like you or you like them with out any effort,then its love with out conditions and then love is phenomenal.Love is best only when it flows naturally,without tricks and tips and pick up lines.I can give you a sure test of true love.If time flies with your lover and two hours seem one minute,then love is true.When it doesn’t matter what they speak or tell or how they look or what they wear.When all your inhibitions drop and you feel truly naked (mentally), then you have found your true love.If love doesn’t free you what is the use of it.You can find true love only if you are natural and without make up.

Thus love yourself and stop actively finding or seducing lovers and you can be happy without so called ‘true love’ aka Relationships.

Be natural and you shall be happy,with or without love.