Me, understand me.Okay.

  1. Motive : Why you want to understand me defines next steps pretty well.
    1. Want to know about me in general, with out getting any personal connection, use Google, Quora, other tools which are already listed here and at many other places on web.
    2. Stalk about me to know more about my personal life, then use some phishing methods like (fake profile + fake friendship request) on FB or G+ or Insta or what ever social profile you can find me. Then stalk fully. Beware to add few of my friends before to your fake profile to make it look appealing and genuine. Also post some pics on your fake profile too.
    3. Want to connect personally. Send me a direct message, explaining your purpose and your motives. Why you want to connect etc. I usually reply if asker asks some worthy question or information.
  2. Want to understand my philosophy of life, then go on read what I write here and NOT what I share else where. I am emotional as well as moody. Some times complacent, unpredictable. It is very difficult to understand me and bear me. I am usually nice but at times behave irrationally.
  3. Want to connect professionally. Join me on LinkedIn.
  4. In love with me : Send me a heartfelt letter. I am a man of words and not looks. Your honesty is the only tickling factor.

via Hemant Pandey’s answer to Which is the best way that people can understand you? – Quora


Hemant Pandey
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