Not just me, every one of us is dual.

We all are selectively nice, have contradictory behaviour, are guided by ego and believe that we are rational well as grounded!

We all have misconceptions about us. We all are human. We all want true genuine love but want it with caveats. We are strange. The reason is very simple. We are not guided by conscious mind but by our deep-rooted subconscious instincts. There is always a contradiction between what we want and how we want.

Every girl wants a nice guy but goes with a jerk! Why ? Because she is guided by her subconscious mind unconsciously!

Thus whatever we see on surface is just the tip of iceberg. Mind is an illusion. Unless you understand your and others true nature, you are doomed for sufferings.

Enlightenment is the process to bury this conscious mind so you can be attuned to more natural and basic form of thinking.