Infatuation is a territory of mind. Love originates in heart.

Have you ever wondered why infatuation turns obsessive ?

Because of your own unsuccessful attempts.

  • You want to talk, you try but couldn’t do…mind becomes distressed.
  • You idealize the person which he or she is not. You justify their actions for you both good and bad.
  • Mind wants things which it can’t have.

But it is terrible that people who got their crushes lost interest in some time! Why?

Because infatuation is not love but love with the concept of your ideal person. I have few personal remembrances of incident where my infatuations turned out to be pretty boring when I knew then in detail!

We all have a image of a perfect lover in our mind. This image is nothing but media projection of perfect people(who never exist). Now if we find someone close to that image and we don’t get a chance to evaluate them thoroughly, we attach them to our ideal image!

Now the problem starts. We rationalize their behavior to match our idealizations!

Thus you are NOT in love with her but an imaginary concept. I am sure if you get to know them completely your idealizations should melt. Remember they are normal to a lot many other.

To deal with an infatuation,try to see their faults and open your rational mind!