I find intelligence extremely sexy.

Your looks are for 10 years or might be 20 years but intellect is you intrinsic quality for life.I am biased towards emotional intelligence. A good looking girl friend is just like a trophy wife, nothing more nothing less. She is not intellectually stimulating but only physically satisfying. How long she will remain in bed with you ?

Further emotional intelligence is preferred because we live in emotions. If some one doesn’t get the depth of my emotions, then what is the use of being with her ?

Men always prefer looks for short term fling but for long term relationships, intelligence trumps beauty any time.

Good looks with EQ is always an added bonus but not necessary.

Sadly media has made looks so much important that looks have superseded every thing else combined. Looks are useful only for health reasons but a sexy body with nice face and no strength or good genes are not favored by men in long term relationships.

PS : Every sincere man wants a child from his love. Who wants a good looking dumb kid ?