I am deft rationalist. I am a mathematician and I guess it clears your doubt. I am selectively emotional and vulnerable, only to those whom I truly love. Further my vulnerability is dependent on reaction of other person. I some one loves me unconditionally, with any mind games, just being natural and I also gel with them, then I am grossly emotional and sentimental.

In other worldly situations I am just a normal human being with all the cleverness and skill needed to deal with the world (just like anybody else).

I take a long time to trust people and take a lot of tests. I often confuse them and try to gauge their real emotion and feelings. For love my tests are difficult since I give everything in love and I don’t want people who are not worthy. Since in my emotions make me quite vulnerable in love, I take a lot of caution before committing. I always return to my shield of reason if my emotions make me weak and I feel used.

I guess we all are like this only, with only varying degree of vulnerability. I am the best love out there. I can prove it through reason!