I never broke up with any one. My most love stories have a common tragic end (During my school time and college time), transferable job of my father.

  • My true love was unsaid and unrequited both ways!. She was 8 years younger than me and hence we just could not convey our love. I was not sure in the beginning.She became unsure in middle. In the end , my father got transferred.I was a student. She was a student. None of us were financially intelligent and independent. She was Bengali brahmin, so cast was never a issue. But in those times (ending of 90s), awareness was too low. No FB,WA, cell phones to communicate. Only brick phones or love letters!. I got the information from third party sources after we left the place that she was also affected badly. Her studies suffered and she almost stopped coming out of her house.I still regret that. But it was destiny.
  • Apart from that I had several other flicks. Before her and after her.But no body loved me the way she did. I cannot narrate the incidences but that kind of devotion for love is unmatched and can only be seen in fables. She had no friends. Only one best girl friend. Once one boy (Living in neighborhood) visited her place. As soon as she realized that I don’t like her talking to him, she never spoke to him again!. She was sexy and had all guys behind her. But wait, did she ever looked at any body ? Ahh…impossible. I was not that celibate. I was romantic chap and since she was yet to become my girl friend, I always flirted with other girls.If she ever found me giggling or talking with any girl, she will vanish for one week!. You just can’t see her!. Soon I realized that she is from another planet!. Her absolute and pure love is what it makes me to write about her even after so many years.Yet to find another person like her.She was ultimate lover. You sense love. You read it in their gestures. Every one craves pure and undivided love. there are many more incidences which people will find hard to believe.If some how we could have united, I am sure no love story can beat that.
  • In my professional life also I had few love stories.I met some other nice girls.One more girl was there whom I remember vividly. I can’t divulge any details but she was also deeply in love with me (Both ways). Due to some professional issues we separated (I was transferred). I still remember her gloomy face when we separated. There were other issues also,like she was a bit timid, could not take stand etc.
  • To me most attractive quality of any body is undying love for me. I do get special attention of females every where I go (I don’t know why ?). But I read them inside out in few days.
  • Other stories are confidential as of now as their status is ‘undecided’ or ‘silent’ or ‘secret’.

For some people ‘Silence is loudest scream’. I don’t know what for they use their vocal chord.Whatever leave it…Unconfirmed is never final.Listen to one my current favorite and chill.


PS : I strongly recommend both parts of this awesome movie ‘Pyaar ka panch nama’. Absolutely brilliant.